IPC 49,261.3     -0.4%         Dow Jones 20,940.5     -0.2%         S&P 500 2,384.2     -0.2%         NASDAQ 6,047.6     0.0%         Tipo de cambio 18.82     +1.1%         Dólar FIX 18.866     +0.8%         Euro 20.50     +0.9%         Cete 28 6.50%     0.00%         TIIE 28 días 6.89%     0.00         Libor 1 mes 0.98%     0.00         US Treasury (10 años) --%    --         UMS (10 años) --%    --         Petróleo mezcla 42.74     +0.5         WTI 49.33     +0.36         Oro 1,268.3     +0.3%         VIX 10.82     +4.4%


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US economy
U.S. GDP Growth Slowed on Tepid Consumer Spending
The U.S. economy stumbled in the first months of the Trump administration, growing at the slowest pace in three years in a sobering reminder of the nation’s economic sluggishness.
Congress Passes Stopgap Spending Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown
Congress on Friday approved legislation to extend funding for the federal government by one week, avoiding a partial government shutdown on Saturday.
How Trump Wants to Change Your Tax Deductions
Expect big changes to your deductions if Congress adopts President Donald Trump's tax changes.
BlackRock's Fink Voices Concerns With Trump Tax Plan
BlackRock Inc. Chief Executive Laurence Fink cast doubt on the viability of the Trump administration's tax plan, saying that if the proposal adds to the country's deficit, it will create a "severe issue."
Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Easing Offshore-Drilling Regulations
President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday to ease regulations on offshore drilling and eventually allow more to occur, particularly in the Arctic Ocean.
Amazon and Alphabet Race to Join the $1,000 Club
Two tech giants are in a heated race to join the $1,000 club after strong earnings reports boosted their shares.
What's Keeping GM Going Strong Probably Won't Last
Apr. 28 (Dow Jones) -- Most multinationals performed better outside the U.S. in the first quarter. Not so the Detroit car makers, which barely made any money outside North America. Their home bias will eventually become a problem.
Trump's Wall May Not Stretch Entire Border, Secretary Kelly Says
The Trump administration’s signature plan to build a wall along the southern U.S. may not stretch across the entire border with Mexico, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said.
Next Tax Battle: Trump’s Bid to Ax a Favorite Blue State Deduction
A big tax break skewed toward Democratic-controlled blue states is the next major battleground as President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans attempt to rewrite the tax code.
What Trump’s Early Days Tell Us About His Path Forward
As the Trump presidency’s 100-day mark arrives, here’s a little secret: That opening stretch often is a rocky one for new presidents.

Global Economy
Mexican Economy Maintains Growth in First Quarter
Mexico's economy kept up steady growth in the first quarter, expanding for a 15th consecutive period despite concerns that strained trade and investment relations with the U.S. will bring about a sharp slowdown.
Trump Says Nafta Partners Persuaded Him to Keep U.S. in Trade Pact
President Donald Trump said he was preparing to pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement in coming days but changed his mind after his counterparts in Mexico and Canada called him Wednesday and asked him to instead renegotiate the 23-year-old pact.
Mexico Registers Small Trade Deficit in March
Mexico registered a modest trade deficit in March as a surplus in manufacturing and other goods partially offset a deficit in petroleum trade, the National Statistics Institute said Thursday.
Bank of Japan, Lowering Inflation Outlook, Fights Rate-Rise Speculation
The Bank of Japan pushed back against speculation about an early interest rate increase Thursday by mixing an upbeat assessment of the economy with a further lowering of its inflation forecast and a rejection of the need to unwind its ultraeasy policy.
Venezuela Pulling Out of OAS Likely Move Toward Isolation
Venezuela plans to start a process to withdraw from the Organization of American States after the Washington-based body scheduled a special meeting to discuss Venezuela’s political crisis, the country’s top diplomat said Wednesday.

Exxon, Chevron Earnings Point to Sign of Strengthening Oil Industry
Cemex's Profit Jumps in First Quarter
Mexico's Cemex SAB reported a big jump in first-quarter profit thanks to lower financial costs, as the cement maker continued to sell assets and reduce its debt load.
Starbucks Sales at Mexico's Alsea Hit by Anti-Trump Sentiment
Donald Trump calling Mexicans rapists, drug addicts and bad hombres has hit one all-American brand in Mexico.
Samsung, Facing Calls for a Shake-Up, Offers ‘Plan B’
Samsung Electronics Co. surprised investors and South Korean lawmakers on Thursday by saying the conglomerate, held together by a complex web of cross-shareholdings, would cancel some $35 billion in legacy treasury shares and forgo restructuring into a holding company.

First 100 Days: The Trump Trade’s ‘Ridiculous Standard’
Apr. 27 (Dow Jones) -- During his nearly 100 days in office, President Donald Trump has crowed about the rising stock market. He has less to cheer about middling economic growth.
Trump Trade’ Waned in First 100 Days
Apr. 27 (Dow Jones) -- Markets are signaling caution after investors greeted President Donald Trump ’s election with enthusiasm.
Markets Think Trump Speaks Loudly But Carries No Stick
In the immediate aftermath of the November election investors dared to hope that the U.S. had entered a new political era. The market reaction—or lack of it—to Donald Trump’s sketchy plan for tax cuts on Wednesday is part of a recognition that Washington remains stuck with politics as usual.

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