US economy

Fed Officials Wrestle With a ‘Dot Plot’ Dilemma

Mar. 18 (Dow Jones) -- Federal Reserve officials aren't quite sure what to do about their dots.

Trump Vetoes Congressional Disapproval of Emergency Declaration

Mar.15 (Dow Jones) -- President Trump vetoed a congressional resolution disapproving of his national-emergency declaration, asserting his authority to tap funding for barriers on the southern border even though the money hadn't been appropriated by lawmakers.

Global Economy

White House Officials Clash Over Relief for Venezuelan Immigrants

Washington, Mar. 18 (Dow Jones) -- As an embattled Nicolás Maduro clings to power in Venezuela, the Trump administration has deadlocked over one of its remaining options for bolstering the opposition and pressuring Mr. Maduro, according to American officials and an administration email exchange.

Fires in Venezuela’s El Guri Complex Could Have Sparked Blackout

Mar.15 (Dow Jones) -- Fires within Venezuela’s heavily-fortified El Guri hydroelectric complex could have triggered the massive blackout that plunged the nation into darkness last week, according to an analysis of thermal conditions along hundreds of miles of transmission lines by Venezuelan industry experts and U.S.-based researchers.

Rationed Bullets, Worthless Money: Tough Times for Venezuelan Thugs

Mar.15 (Dow Jones) -- From his hilltop slum overlooking this decaying capital, Luis Martínez lamented that his once-lucrative armed robbery and kidnapping-for-ransom business is way down.

Venezuela's Oil Capital Was Ransacked When the Lights Went Out

Mar.15 (Bloomberg) -- The sack of Maracaibo was almost over Thursday after a frenzy of violence and looting that showed just how close Venezuela is to total chaos.


Why China Moved First on Boeing

Mar.15 (Dow Jones) -- When China grounded 96 Boeing planes on Monday—two days before U.S. regulators did the same—it was doing more than responding to a pair of fatal airline crashes. It was also asserting its growing clout as an aviation superpower.

Banking’s Back-Office Workhorses Are Merging as Technology Reshapes Finance

Mar. 18 (Dow Jones) -- A global shake-up in the humdrum business of payments has set off a merger frenzy among the giant but obscure companies that connect banks, merchants and consumers.

SEC Charges VW, Ex-CEO Winterkorn With Defrauding U.S. Bond Investors

Mar.15 (Dow Jones) -- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sued Volkswagen AG and Martin Winterkorn for defrauding U.S. investors in relation to the company's diesel cheating scandal, claiming the auto maker's former chief executive knew about the fraud much earlier than previously acknowledged.

Boeing’s Design for Its 737 MAX Jet Draws Scrutiny

Mar. 18 (Dow Jones) -- Federal investigators and lawmakers are asking the same question about Boeing Co.'s 737 MAX jet: Did U.S. safety regulators rigorously follow longstanding engineering and design standards in approving a suspect stall-prevention feature?

Warner Bros. CEO to Step Down Amid Probe Into Conduct

Mar. 18 (Dow Jones) -- AT&T Inc.'s WarnerMedia said Kevin Tsujihara is stepping down as chief executive of its Warner Bros. studio as the company investigates his relationship with a young actress, a change that roils the media giant's new leadership structure at a pivotal moment in the industry.

Ford to Slash Jobs Across Europe as CEO Pay Raise Disclosed

Mar.15 (Dow Jones) -- Ford Motor Co. plans to cut more than 5,000 jobs in Germany and another undetermined number of employees in the U.K., a company spokeswoman said Friday, as part of a broader effort to redefine its struggling European business laid out earlier this year.