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U.S. Slashes Border Crossings by Migrants Seeking Asylum

San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico, Nov. 19 (Dow Jones) -- The U.S. has slashed the number of migrants being allowed to cross the U.S.-Mexican border to legally apply for asylum, as caravans totaling some 10,000 migrants trudge north through Mexico.

Facing Deadlier Fires, California Tries Something New: More Logging

Nov.16 (Dow Jones) -- Obscured amid the chaos of California’s latest wildfire outbreak is a striking sign of change that may help curtail future devastating infernos. After decades of butting heads, some environmentalists and logging supporters have largely come to agreement that forests need to be logged to be saved.

Thank China for a Cheaper Thanksgiving -- Overheard

Nov.16 (Dow Jones) -- One upside of the U.S.-China trade dispute: It is keeping the cost of Thanksgiving down.

Why House Votes and Political Power Often Don’t Match

Nov.16 (Dow Jones) -- When the last few unresolved House races are settled, the results will show whether Democrats have broken an arcane but important losing streak: In the past four elections, they haven’t translated the House votes they have won nationally into equivalent power in the House.

CNN's Acosta Returns to White House After Court Restores Pass

Nov.16 (Bloomberg) -- CNN reporter Jim Acosta returned to the White House Friday, hours after a court ordered President Donald Trump to temporarily restore a press pass his administration had revoked.

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Migrants Adopt Strategy for U.S. Entry: Come as a Family

Nov.16 (Dow Jones) -- On this city's violent outskirts, where families live in tin-roofed shacks on streets menaced by gangs, the word is out on how best to escape to the U.S.

U.K.'s Theresa May Musters Some Support Despite Broader Criticism of Her Brexit Deal

Nov.16 (Dow Jones) -- The referendum question for British voters in June 2016 was simple: whether to leave the European Union or remain in it. The answer has left the British government teetering on the verge of crisis.

Brazil Signals Hawkish Approach on Its Big Budget Deficit

Nov.16 (Dow Jones) -- Brazil’s president-elect has put together a team of fiscal hawks to lead the economy, winning cautious approval from markets worried about the country’s ballooning debt.

Countries Push to Extract More Cash from Big Mining Companies

Nov. 18 (Dow Jones) -- From Congolese jungles to Indonesian highlands, a struggle is raging between governments and major mining companies over control of commodities vital to the production of everything from steel to electric cars to smartphones.


Nissan Chairman Ghosn Arrested for Alleged Financial Misconduct

Nov. 19 (Dow Jones) -- Japanese prosecutors jailed Carlos Ghosn, an auto industry titan and one of the world's best-known business executives, accusing him of underreporting his pay -- and setting off a leadership crisis at the globe-spanning auto alliance he forged.

Apple Cuts iPhone Production, Creating Turmoil for Suppliers

Nov. 19 (Dow Jones) -- Lower-than-expected demand for Apple Inc.'s new iPhones and the company's decision to offer more models have created turmoil along its supply chain and made it harder for Apple to predict the number of components and phones it needs, people familiar with the situation said.

Netflix Sees Oscar Gold in ‘Roma,’ but Hollywood Isn’t So Sure

Nov. 18 (Dow Jones) -- Netflix Inc.'s shiny new lobby looks like the bedroom of a Little League champion -- full of trophies for the television programming that has made the streaming service into one of the industry's most powerful players.

Beauty and the Backlash: Disney’s Modern Princess Problem

Los Angeles, Nov. 18 (Dow Jones) -- About two years ago, employees who managed Walt Disney Co.'s princess characters gathered to watch an extended scene from an unreleased movie.


Saudis Move to Counter U.S. Oil Strategy

Nov.16 (Dow Jones) -- Saudi Arabia is moving to cut the world's oil supply after U.S. government deals allowed hundreds of thousands of barrels a day of Iranian oil to flow onto world markets, driving down prices.