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Mexico Mining-Union Head Turned Senator Reviewing Contracts

Jan.16 (Bloomberg) -- Mexican mining-union leader and newly installed Senator Napoleon Gomez Urrutia is ready to take on companies that he says don’t pay enough taxes, pollute the environment and enjoy concessions he deems are too long. Mining shares tumbled.

Fed’s Beige Book Shows Concerns Mounting Among U.S. Businesses

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- Optimism is waning among U.S. businesses as they grapple with the government shutdown, trade disputes, higher borrowing costs and a volatile stock market.

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El Chapo’ Bribed Former Mexican President, Former Drug Trafficker Tells Court

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- A top drug trafficker for Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán testified in federal court on Tuesday that the infamous Mexican drug lord paid a $100 million bribe in October 2012 to Mexico’s then-President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto.

Theresa May’s Tough Line Scores Points but Clouds Brexit Path

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- Prime Minister Theresa May’s sporting hero is an English cricketer named Geoffrey Boycott, a long-retired player who was renowned for an unflashy, dogged approach to a game that is regarded as impenetrable to outsiders.

Theresa May Rides Out No-Confidence Vote to Return to Brexit Fray

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a no-confidence vote in her government Wednesday, freeing her to restart the grinding process of trying to find a compromise Brexit deal that Parliament can approve.

Europe Restricts Steel Imports to Counter U.S. Trade Policies

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- The European Union Wednesday set restrictions on steel imports to manage the fallout from disruptive U.S. trade policies, making temporary measures definitive with the unintended consequence of helping cement President Trump’s metals tariffs.


‘They Own the System’: Amazon Rewrites Book Industry by Marching Into Publishing

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- Inc., which over more than two decades made itself the world’s largest book retailer, has created an unrivaled display window that can catapult titles from obscurity to must-reads.

CEOs Say Recession Is Top Worry for 2019

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- The possibility of a global recession ranks as the top concern on the minds of corporate leaders as they head into 2019, according to a new survey of chief executives from the Conference Board, a business research group.

France Asks Renault to Name Successor to Carlos Ghosn

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- The French state has asked Renault SA to call a board meeting in the coming days to name a successor to the car maker’s jailed chairman and chief executive, Carlos Ghosn, the country’s finance minister said Wednesday.

Shutdown Squeezes Small Businesses That Do Work for Government

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- When the partial government shutdown began, Mark Patton, the chief operating officer of HSG LLC, wasn’t too worried. But 25 days later, the longest government shutdown in U.S. history has all but cut off revenue to the 160-employee federal contracting firm, pitching it into crisis.


Mexico Joins Bond Sale Rush in Fresh Test for Leftist President

A Jan.16 (Bloomberg) -- Mexico is joining a rush of emerging-market bond issuers who are taking advantage of the optimistic mood at the beginning of the year to issue debt.

What Betting Markets Say About Brexit’s Next Steps

Jan.16 (Dow Jones) -- Even as a Brexit deadline looms, financial markets seemed to yawn in the face of Theresa May’s historic loss in the U.K. Parliament. Betting markets on the other hand may better explain the much altered landscape when it comes to Brexit.